Beamont Primary School Believe. Belong. Become.
Beamont Primary School                              Believe. Belong. Become.

Mission Statement







Believe in themselves, their school, their community.

Belong to families, communities, be part of school community.

Become the best they can be.


Aims of our school

As a school community, we worked on our Mission Statement and School Aims during the Summer term of 2015 and the Autumn term of 2015.  All were involved - children, parents and carers, staff, Governors.  Thank you to all for your contributions.

Aims of Beamont Community Primary School

High quality learning experience

We do our best to help every learner – pupil, family member, staff, Governor – to achieve, to break expectations, supporting all to make progress.

Respect, truth, belief

Within our safe and stimulating place of learning, we promote the personal development of all; with a focus on respect and honesty, we develop self-belief, positive self-esteem and confidence.

Working together, collaboration, belong

We work together, promote collaboration, are inclusive, provide equality of opportunity and share achievements, whilst moving forward in our learning.

Learning is fun, enjoyable, personalised

We make learning as engaging as possible, making it fun, enjoyable and personalised to capture the interests of all learners – ensuring they find the joy in learning.

Resilience and determination

We support and nurture the development of resilient, determined learners who join us at any time in the school life, from any starting point, so that they leave us as confident, independent individuals.

Inspire to aspire; become the best

We inspire all to aspire; to be safe and stay safe; to become the best they can be.



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