Teaching Staff

Headteacher: Mrs K. Morris

Deputy Headteacher: Miss L. Stokes

Assistant Headteachesr: Miss N. Carney & Miss L. Tate


Year Group


Teaching Assistants



Miss Hunt


Miss Bonnon

Miss Bramhall

Mrs Joyce



Miss Carney

Mrs Openshaw


Mrs Gillespie

Mrs Ratcliffe



Miss Graham

Key Stage 1

Year 1


[Mrs Badley (on Maternity Leave)]

Miss Hayes

Mrs Davis

Mrs Crozier

Mrs Richardson


Year 1


Miss Wlliams

Year 2


Miss McCormack

Miss Peel

Ms Jepson

Mrs McGuinness

Mrs Pickering

Mrs Priestley

Miss O'Gorman

Miss Simpson

Year 2


Miss Stirrup

Lower Key Stage 2

Year 3


Miss Tate

Miss Brindley

Mrs Grieff


Year 3


Miss Whittaker

Year 4


Miss Barron

Mrs Everson

Mrs Palfreyman

Mrs Hardwick

Year 4


Miss Scott

Upper Key Stage 2







Year 5


Miss Murphy

Mrs Cartledge

Mrs Delooze

Miss Milner

Year 5


Miss Shaw

Year 6


Mr Heeley

Mrs Plant

Mr Holt

Mrs Palfreyman

Mrs Allen


Year 6 

Miss Grice 



Mrs Leslie


Miss Stokes


Miss Muttock  

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Morris



Miss Stokes

Deputy Headteacher & KS1 Team Leader


Miss Carney

Assisant Headteacher & SENCo


Miss Tate

Assistant Headteacher & LKS2 Team Leader


Miss Graham

EYFS Team Leader


Mr Heeley

UKS2 Team Leader


Mr Fletcher

Safeguarding Co-ordinator


Mrs Bennion

School Business Manager

Support Staff

Office Staff: 

Mrs J Bennion (SBM); Mrs J Warburton; Mrs J Bullock; Mrs S Hankey; Miss R Holmes; Mrs A Powell


Maintenance Staff:

Mr P Best (Maintenance Officer); Mr S Rowley (Caretaker)


Mid-Day Assistants:

Mrs W Coleman; Mrs A Finch; Mrs P Leicester; Mrs J Lowry; Mrs A McLarney; Mrs L O'Neill; Miss L Penson; Mrs B Regan; Mrs I Rose; Mrs S Stanner; Mrs D Tilson; Mr B Taylor; Mrs KA Joce; Mrs G Farrington

Staff training and development

We make every effort to keep our staff trained and up to date to enable us to devlier high quality teaching and learning for every child.


During 2015-16, we have:

- All teachers have trained with Debs Bragard, English Consultant, to improve teaching of grammar and spelling

- All teachers have accessed specific maths training linked to he new curriculum, building on prior training; e.g. phase focus on fractions, phase specific training about mastery maths

- All teaching staff have accessed specialist Dylexia and Dyscalculia training with independent consultant

- The school is participating in an Assessment Standardisation project, working with John Egerton (Liverpool Assessment Adviser) co-ordinated by Warrington Teaching School Alliance

- Year 2 and Year 6 teaching team & SLT attended assessment updates; DHT is KS1 moderator.  All teachers regularly moderate within school and work with colleagues from other schools

- EYFS focused training including focus on Guided Reading, Guided Writing, Reception Maths, MABLE project,

- Mrs Rudd has completed the National Qualitfication for SENCo

- Specific training to support learners with special educational needs, including Talk Boost intensive training for support staff, Irlem training for SENDCo, SEN training for Teaching Assistants (all), Visual Impairment, Autism,

- Specific training to support learners with English as an Additional Language, including training from an EAL Consultant from Wigan LA

- DSLs attended update training; new DSL attended 2 day mutli-agency foundation training; up to date safeguarding training covering a range of issues including PREVENT, Stonewall, Cyber bullying, Safer Recruitment

- Mrs Bennion and the Maintenance team have undertaken several aspects of profressional development linked to and safety, including legionella, Fire Warden training, .

- Mrs Bennion, SBM, and the office team undertaken relevant training linked to SIMS, census, financial administration, ParentMail

- Through our work with the School Improvement Alliance, specific training for teaching staff at different career stages has been accessed, this year for NQTs, RQTs (2nd and 3rd year of teaching), SLT, and EYFS team (all).


Our staff team regularly plan and lead staff training (within school and external) also.


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Our Office Staff:

Mrs J Bennion -

School Business Manager

Mrs J Warburton

Mrs J Bullock

Mrs S Hankey

Miss R Holmes

Mrs A Powell


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