Extra-Curricular Activities

Please see below a plan for lunchtime after-school clubs and activities for the Summer term 2017.


Any changes to this plan will be communicated via the weekly school's newsletter.


Over the course of the academmic year, we try to ensure that there are after-school clubs and extra-curricular activities available to all children from Year 1 to Year 6.  There are some occasions when the clubs are also accessible to the children in Reception.



12.35 – 1.00 (lunchtime)

3.05 – 4.00 (after school)


 Homework  Y3/Y4 – 20 spaces

Choir Y5/Y6 – 20 spaces   

Multi - sports Y1/Y2 - 20 spaces

Gleamont -Y3/Y4 - 20 spaces




 Computing  Y5/Y6 - 20 spaces

Multi – sports Y3/Y4- 20 spaces




 Reading Y3/Y4 – 20 spaces


Football Y5/Y6 (at St Benedict’s) – 18 spaces







Rugby Y5/Y6  (at St Benedict’s) -18 spaces

Reading Rangers Y1 – 20 spaces

Cross country Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6 (at St Benedict’s – 20 spaces






Football Y3/Y4 – 20 spaces





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